Saturday, December 26, 2009

All seem to say throw cares away

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season :) This Xmas was pretty great, I got awesome presents and had a generally enjoyable experience for my last Christmas while living at home.

This is the BF and I before the unfortunately obligatory church services of Xmas eve. (Last time i have to sit through those! YES!)
I'm wearing a Jacob sweater, Nine West skirt, Winners boots, and the belt from my silk bathrobe.

My parents gave me $$, and all these books that I had asked for. I've already started to read most of them. My brother gave me a iron for when I move out in a few months (very good, i love practicality), however he also gave me a four-foot tall teddy bear (probably will end up giving that to neighboor's newborn baby).

My boyfriend's present was really fantastic. He gave me a cold-day survival kit. There is cookie mix, tea, warm socks (pictured above), Seasons 1 & 2 of "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl" (pictured above), a massage coupon, and an electric blanket. Basically everything you need to stop me from busting out the five-year-old attitude and fussiness when i get cold, hungry, or bored.

I have three glorious days off next week, which will be nice since i worked full-time this week. I need to read all my new books before school starts up again!

Love Always,

Friday, December 18, 2009

Calling out Winter

Tomorrow morning is my last exam. Thankfully. I'm seriously about to die of stress. My friend made me a cookie in the shape of the male reproductive anatomy today, though, so that was pretty excellent.

Sweater: Goodwill, $5
Jeans: Joe Fresh via Goodwill, $3
Two pairs of Icebreaker merino wool socks: Free courtesy of BF's job

Not only was my outfit today ridiculously cheap, it was also super warm. I looked at the temperature this morning (-23 celcius: COLD) and nearly had a panic attack. Can you believe I went through the last two winters with only a fall jacket from Suzy Shier? This year i got a heavy wool coat (Thifted Jordache for $14. I kid you not) and scored some super warm socks from the BFs work so it's been easier to cope with the temperatures.

Details of the sweater embellishment. I've been wanting a beaded or sequined sweater forever and finally found this one a few weeks ago. I took out the shoulder pads and shrunk it in the dryer.

Lately I Am...
Eating: I've had six pieces of raisin bread toast with cream cheese today. It's exam period, what can I say?
Drinking: Coffee, coffee, tea, and more coffee
Listening to: Lots of Anna Nalick, Gaga, and random pop songs like Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" and Justin Bieber's "Love Me"
Researching: The origins, development, and role of feudalism in medieval society
Reading (book variety): "The Less Noble Sex" by Nancy Tuana for my exam tomorrow. If you're interested in the origins of female oppression (I'm talking biblical and Aristotalian arguments), get this book!
Reading (blog variety): I recently discovered Small Town Chic

Wish me luck on this exam! I'm actually probably going to need it...

Love Always,

Title song: "Winter" by Joshua Radin

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Night Shoutouts

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Night Shoutouts, a post in which I gather some of the cool things I've come across on the internet lately to share with ya'll lovely people. Ready?

"If they tell you you're too big for a woman, tell them
you're just too big for your skin.
Tell them
a body just can't hold all this beauty.
Tell them
they only wish they had hills and valleys like the earth...
They will never see the life in your hands and you can never expect them to understand."

-Spoken-word artist Desdamona. Watch the full video here and see her myspace page here

Definately a step in the right direction. Though it's important to remember that we are not in a position to judge cultural practices often seen by Westerners as "oppressive" (i.e. the wearing of the hijab by Muslim women: it's something many women choose to wear!), Female Genital Mutilation is fundamentally dangerous to women's health. Learn more here.

And now for something a bit less heavy and more just pretty: Jon Schmidt's beautiful arrangement/mash-up of Love Story and Viva La Vida!

LOLcats meets Regretsy! My life is complete.

I want to make these. Om nom nom...

And now for something mildly fashion-related? Always been one of my favourite blogs

My plan for this upcoming week includes a six-page essay on feudalism, studying my face off to maintain my A+ in European Women's History, and finding a present for my work's Secret Santa! Sunday night will be the big pay-off: Staff party! Bellinis all around!

Don't forget to follow me on twitter, guys!

Love Always,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Somehow your life gets written on your face

Image credit

Inspired by Sarah's post about a book of lists, I decided to write my own list, as suggested by the book and noted in Sarah's post. I love lists.

Thing's I'm glad I did

1. Make coffee tonight, or else I'd be asleep right now.

2. Go to university. I wouldn't have even applied if my dad hadn't done it for me, but I am so glad I'm at university, studying things I am passionate about, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

3. Harrass Nathan until he finally admitted he liked me & asked me to prom. It's a long story, but the moral is that we're still together a year and a half later.

4. Make a bunch of huge mistakes and go through a lifetime's worth of crappy things in highschool. It's all behind me now and I'm free to live happily ever after. I hope.

5. Teach myself guitar way before it was cool for girls to play guitar. I recieved my guitar in fifth or sixth grade and was super pissed because I had wanted a bubble chair (remember those?). I slowly taught myself through middle school and highschool though, and now there is almost nothing more satisfying than being able to play my favourite songs on an instrument I never thought I'd like or be able to learn.

This list only scratches the surface, but I didn't want to get too personal. Now, you have to tell me. What are you glad you did?

Title song: "Sunday Dress" by Dala

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cowboy take me away

My mom grew up on a farm. This is the only explanation I can think of for her love of cowboy boots. She's got four or five pairs and cherishes them like you wouldn't believe. The only reason i got to wear these was because I stole them for the afternoon while she wasn't home...

Brown shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Club Monaco
Tights: Accessorize
High-heeled cowboy boots: Vintage from Mom's closet
Earings: Vintage from great-grandmother

I wore this outfit to campus to see my boy perform with his choir in a Holiday concert a few days back. Obviously these photos were not taken today because IT EFFING SNOWED. Ugh. Everyone is all "omg finally snow! :D :D" while I'm preparing to enter full-on bitchy winter mode until it melts and building my metaphoric nest of despair, complete with unflatering sweaters and too much candy.

I had my last class today of the first semester of second year university. Exams should be easy compared to enduring the antics of my Methodology prof twice a week...

Love Always,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

You've only begun to shine

Flowery Shirt: Smart Set
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Nine West, thrifted
Shoes: Spring

I wore this outfit to school and work, but I added tights and boots to go outside. I could go on for days about how much i love this skirt. It fits perfectly, is excellent quality, super comfy, and was like six bucks. Win.

I've been stressed out lately, though for such silly reasons. However, I have no interest in being stressed right now. I refuse to let silly things bring me down. The following things have been keeping me out of danger zones of nail-biting and skipping class to sleep:

- Listening to lots of Anna Nalick
- Playing guitar
- Not thinking about school when I don't have to
- Eating lots of my boyfriend's delicious cinnamon buns and Hershey Bliss chocolates
- Dressing fabulously where and whenever possible

What do you do to combat stress and silliness?

Love Always,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I just wanna free-fall for a while

Went thift/consignment store shopping this weekend, both with a friend and the boyfriend. Found some awesome stuff, including this colourful (extravagent?) sweater:

Sweater: $8 from consignment store
Pants: thrifted, $2 (srsly.)

I never said i was a good photographer. I make no excuses for my ridiculous poses and unfortunate facial expressions. Here is what was going on in my head while taking outfit pictures this morning:

1. Shitshitshitshit bus comes in fifteen minutes shitshit
2. Ewww wet hair dripping down my back
3. Have to use flash 'cause it's still dark outside... Look down to avoid awkward blinky faces
4. Must show sick sleeves. Spread arms!
5. Too much to remember... I'll just pretend I'm flying and looking down on all the little people! OKAY LET'S GO!

And a few minutes later, when I was rushing out the door with two slices of toast jammed in my mouth, i realized the sleeves literally do not even fit in my coat sleeves. They have to be bunched up into the shoulder space of the coat. So i looked like a chilly football player outdoors today. No big deal.

Honestly, though, I really do love this sweater. Though it's a number of sizes too big, I like the way the gigantic scoop shows off my neck. That and the big sleeves are glamourous if you ask me.

Love Always,

Monday, November 30, 2009

Why you so speechless?

My brother came home from work and started slamming things around in his room and wouldnt talk to anyone so I made him cookies.

I got twitter, you guys! Follow me!.

"Don't go home tonight and tell all your friends and family that you love Lady Gaga. I want you to go home and look in the mirror and say, 'I Love Myself'"
-Lady Gaga, at her concert. Needless to say, it was breathtaking and i completely rocked out to every song. I've been sitting here for a few minutes trying to type something to adequately explain how amazing the experience was, but i can't do it justice. Just go see her if you have the chance, okay?

Outfit post and review of Winona's book coming soon, so stay tuned!

Love Always,

Friday, November 27, 2009

You gotta think

As I've mentioned before, I'm in university for an honours BA in History and Women's Studies. If you'd like to know more about Women's Studies, feel free to email me!

My field of study teaches me to critically analyze the world and it's social structures, structures which are often extremely oppressie to women and other marginalized groups, such as people of colour, gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgendered people, the economically disadvantaged, disabled people, and the list goes on.

Something that's really been upsetting me lately that I wanted to talk about is the whole controversy surrounding Adam Lambert's performance at the AMAs, during which he simulated oral sex with a male dancer, and kissed a male musician on stage. I'm of the opinion that Lambert's performance was absolutely amazing and I believe the sexually-suggestive acts committed were really awesome and liberating. Whether or not you share my opinion about the performance is irrelevent. What I want to stress here is the aftermath of the performance and the double standards and discrimination at play.

Lambert was scheduled to perform on a CBS morning program a few days ago, but the performance was cancelled and the network cited the controversy surrounding Adam's AMA performance as the reason. They also blurred the image of Lambert kissing his male musician when reporting on the story. I'm sure you all recall the infamous Britney Spears-Madonna-Christina Aguilera kiss from an awards ahow several years back. The image of these women kissing was never blurred for public television, so why was the image of Adam Lambert kissing another male deemed inappropraite for public view? Patriarchy, my friends, patriarchy.

Women kissing one another feeds into straight male fantasies as is thus deemed socially acceptable and even encouraged in many situations (ever played truth or dare? Yeah.). This is why Katy Perry can sell a bajillion records singing about kissing girls, but Adam Lambert gets performances cancelled and his face blurred on TV. Girls kissing is "hot", yet a gay kiss is "gross", "inappropraite", "too controversial". On another note, while Adam Lambert was not allowed to perform on CBS, apparently it's okay to have Chris Brown go on-air to talk about how he beat his girlfriend in February. The message this sends? Being gay is not okay and not allowed on television, but if you beat up a woman, we'll TOTALLY give you even more airtime!

I encourage you to read this article from for more information, and think critically about the media.

Love Always,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The truth never set me free, so I'll do it myself

Taken in the crazy hallway of mirrors in Nathan's house on Sunday. I should really be finishing up my term paper right now, but i figure I'll just wake up early tomorrow morning. I'm still a better student than my classmate i did an oral presentation with yesterday. She didn't know what the word "cyclical" meant and asked me not to use it in the presentation because she thought it would confuse people. Seriously?! Anyway...

Cardigan: Jacob, $40
Tanktop: Old Navy, $5
Belt: Thrifted, $2
Jeans: Joe Fresh via Goodwill, $3
Clip-on earrings worn as brooch: Vintage from great-grandmother

I really liked this outfit for two reasons. Number one, this is the first time i have ever worn a shirt tucked into jeans. I've never really felt like i had the tummy for it but i think it worked out well. Number two, I love cardigans (Had you guys figured that out yet?) and i usually wear them buttoned so they don't slip off my shoulders all the time. However on this day i wanted the cardi to be open to show off my super-awesome tucked-in shirt. So I clipped these old clip-on earrings to the neck of the cardigan and they really helped anchor it so it wasn't slipping off so much. I'm a genius.

Detail shot

When my life is crazy-busy (like, uh, RIGHT NOW), i like to listen to a lot of really epic music to keep me going. I love being on the bus wearing my pretty purple dress and feeling smug because no one knows i'm listening to gangster rap or a crazy guitar riff on my bright pink ipod. Feeling uninspired? Here's a list of some of the songs I've been listening to lately.

1. Careful- Paramore
2. Ashes- Embrace
3. House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance
4. Run- Snow Patrol
5. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga (obvs!)
6. Numb/Encore- Linkin Park and Jay-Z (please note this song is definately NSFW and not for everyone. The uncensored version has some very, very objectionable phrases but i absolutely adore mix of rap and rock)
7. Tranquilize- The Killers
8. The Wizard and I- Original Cast Recording of Wicked
9. Innocent- Our Lady Peace
10. Jai Ho- A. R. Rahman (a.k.a. Not the PCD version)

I didn't include any of my rap favs on here because I feel guity as a feminist endorsing such mysogynistic/violent/homophobic music. We all have our guilty pleasures though, right?

See you all when this @#$%^*& term paper is done!

Love Always,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The back of yo' head is ridiculous

A little while ago, Kyla at Blue Collar Catwalk made a tutorial video about how to do a top knot hairstyle. I commented about how sad I was 'cause it looks so good on Kyla but I have a mane and it would look ridiculous on me. Kyla replied with something along the lines of "GRRRRL yo hairz would look FIERCE in a topknot". So I tried it and this is what I came up with!

Please note that this photograph was taken after being out in the rain all afternoon. Just sayin', it looked better before i left the house and stepped into the humidity. I wasn't sure about how the style looked on me, but my boyfriend liked it and I guess he would have said soemthing if he thought I looked ridiculous because he's the one that has to be seen in public holding my hand...

Oh yeah,
Sweater: Smart Set
Skirt: Thrifted, $4
Tights: Garage, $10

Everyone should try doing a top knot! I found it really comfortable, especially for sleeping, 'cause you're not lying on your hair. Also, if my hair is down on a rainy day it turns into a huge frizzy mess (even more so than usual), so this was a good solution.

P.S. The title of this post is derived from this hilarious YouTube video that I'm sure half of you have seen at some point. Whenever i ask people for their numbers in real life, i say it like this guy does haha.

Love Always,

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things i bought this week

New earrings from work! I've had these on hold for about fifty years and finally decided to grab them today. They're crystal and sterling silver. Click the photo for a larger view.

Vanilla Nutmeg body lotion from The Body Shop. Today was 20% off their loyalty card holders PLUS buy-one-get-one half off seasonal products (like this lotion) PLUS card members got a free body butter. How could i resist? I bought one of these lotions for me and one for my mom for Xmas. I love it so much because i've been getting sick of super-sweet-smelling vanilla products, and the nutmeg in this lotion adds a perfect hint of alluring spiciness. Plus so far it has made my hands ridiculously soft. Win.

Lately I Am...
Eating: Lots of dried apricots. I swear i get more random cravings than pregnant ladies.
Drinking: Approximately a litre of orange juice per day trying to ward off H1N1
Listening to: The lovely sounds of my brother's respiratory infection in the next room...
Researching: Appropriate methodology for researching abuse in Aboriginal communities
Feeling: Cold
Reading (book variety): "A Simple Story" by Elizabeth Inchbald and "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, both for Women in Literature class.
Reading (blog variety): Work With What You've Got

P.S. Worn Fashion Journal needs your help!. They are an independant, volunteer-driven fashion mag and have run into a bit of trouble. The lovely Anna is a dedicated intern of theirs and she explains everything in THIS POST onher blog. Please consider helping Worn out if you can <3

Love Always,

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll Do Anything For You

School is still crazy but I need to take a break sometime, right? Also I think i'm coming down with H1N1 and am too paranoid to concentrate on my term paper right now anyway.

Tank top: Old navy, $5
Cardigan: Jacob, Gift from BF
Skirt: Jacob, Gift from BF
Shoes: Vintage from Mom's closet

This skirt is the shortest and tightest skirt i own. Let's just say there's a reason Nathan bought it for me when i wasn't going to... I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my fabulous boy for taking a lot of my outfit pictures on this blog. He is very patient :)

Did anyone see the Meteor shower? Nathan called me late last night asking me if i wanted to drive out of the city lights to see the meteors at one in the morning. How could i resist the chance to do the kind of thing Taylor Swift would write a song about?

We snuggled in the trunk of Nathan's parents Subaru on a random stretch of road south of the city until i got too paranoid about axe murderers and made him drive back into civilization...

Nathan brought me his father's parka from when they lived in Winnipeg. It wasn't cold, i'm just chickenshit.

Look at the stars.. Look how they shine foooor yoooou... and everything you do...

We stayed out for about an hour. I saw one meteor but it may have been a figment of my imagination. Oh well, only 30 years till the next shower, right?

IMPORTANT READER POLL: Should i get a twitter account? Do enough of ya'll care about what i would "tweet"? Please comment and let me know: i can't decide!

Love Always,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Night Shoutouts

Everyone go buy Lou Lou Magazine because a friend of mine from middle school in the model in their huge editorial spread on pages 60-67! She is beautiful, and actually eats! Bonus!

Another reason i will never buy an Iphone

The amazing Anna, another old friend, featured me in a post about her favourite blogs this week. She's an intern at Worn Fashion Journal and is in the mag this month! (Found that out from Isabel.) I lubs yew too, Fitzy <3

My girl Taylor's hilarious SNL monologue song. Oh man, and the hilarious Shakira impression, too.

I forget how, but i somehow stubbled on Kenz's blog, All the Weigh. First of all, i didn't know people made weightloss blogs, and my first thought was "what a fabulous idea"! But the thing that struck me most was this girls beautiful attitude towards her life. Even if you're not trying to lose weight, read this blog and be inspired by Kenz's amazingly inspirational outlook.

I recently got back into wasting time playing this ridiculous game that my friends and i used to play when we were hungover in highschool for HOURS.

Make-up with unicorns on the packaging? Yes please. LimeCrime

Now if you'll excuse me, i need to write an essay on an 18th century novel I haven't read. Wish me luck. Seriously.

Love Always,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Put a ring on it

I'm an absolute jewellery fanatic, and i really believe jewellery is a big part of fashion. I've worked in a tiny silver store for almost three years now and have ammassed quite the colection of baubles. I've been looking for a big ring with a beautiful, natural stone for a while now and the store i work in just wasn't providing. So i went elsewhere. I'm a traitor, whatevs.

The one on my middle finger is a stone called Malachite and the one on my first finger is Labradorite, which looks different depending on the angle you're looking from. Tilted a certain way, Labrodorite appears very greyish, but when the light hits it right you can see a play of blueish green colours and sparkles in it.

As i was taking this picture i thought it would be fun (read: ridiculous) to put all of my rings on one hand to show you guys. So i tried but i couldn't fit them all... So i just did all my sterling silver rings.

*listed from bottom to top of each finger*
Pinkie finger: Amethyst, Blue topaz, plain silver rose
Ring finger: cubic zirconia ring that is NOT an engagement ring (usually worn on right hand), Claddagh ring also usually worn on right hand (signifies relationship status), Amber, Turquoise
Middle finger: Malachite, plain silver, plain silver sunflower
First finger: Labradorite, Amber, Shell.

Phew. Honestly the reason i'm so into rings right now is because i stopped biting my nails. Whenever this happens (usually once every two years for a few months, though i'm hoping this time i'll stick to it) i buy rings because i think my hands look pretty. I also buy nailpolish. This is the same one i mentioned in the last post: "Black Cherry Chutney" by OPI. I looooove this nailpolish!

What are your favourite stones to wear in jewellery (rings, pendants, earings, whatever!)? Why do you like these stones?

Love Always,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let all fall away that's not crucial now

Mixture of awesome and annoying things going on in my life right now.

The awesome: I won Winona's book, Closet Confidential, from Ambika over at (Into) The Fray. I NEVER win things. The last thing i won was probably my sixth-grade leadership award. I'm so excited to get it in the mail, Daddy Likey is by far one of my favourite blogs and Winona is hilarious. Thank you so much for holding that awesome contest, Ambika!

I also got a new phone, the Samsung Link. It's basically a Blackberry knockoff since i would never use any of the functions on a blackberry and as such, refuse to pay $400 for one. So far, so good. Samsung phones have always served me well. Until i drop them into toilets like i did in highschool, but that's another story.

The annoying: So. Much. School. Work. Must. Get. Scholarship. Or. Father. Will. Cry.


Sweater: Jacob, $20
Skirt: Gap, $6
Pumps: Madden Girl, Mom's
Jewelery: All great-grandmother's

I love the square neck of this sweater. You don't find square necklines around a lot, so i HAD to buy this sweater... after considering the $20 price tag for a number of weeks, 'cause that's how us cheap ladies roll.

I dunno about you guys, but i kind of love my "omg the sunlight is eating me" pictures. They're etheral, in an "i really don't know how to take pictures so i just stand directly in front of the sun and see what happens" kind of way.

In this picture you can kind of see my new nailpolish which i love love LOVE. It's called "Black Cherry Chutney" by OPI, and it's a really dark purple. I sure know how to pick 'em when it comes to those silly OPI names...

Love Always,

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things i would sell my brother for: Gorgeous vintage cardigan edition

The perfect embellished cardigan, here.

I've been looking for a lovely heavily beaded cardigan for a while now. This one is perfect but sadly out of my price range. Vintage beaded cardigans are the perfect mix of glamour and classic style.

I'm off to watch Taylor Swift on SNL. I'm excited :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love is free

Just spent over an hour trying to get a new header up. Do you guys like it? It's just a picture i took of a bunch of my stuff... Hair bow, necklaces, and the lids from little vintage vanity jars i have. I like this new layout except for the way it cuts the pictures in the post below in half, but maybe i'll get around to fixing that. Anyway, on to today's outfit...

Cardigan: Mexx, FREE (found in classroom)
Dress: Garage, $30
Tights: Garage
Boots: Winners, $40

I found this amazing cardigan in one of my classrooms last week and it was pretty much the happiest moment of my life. My size, good quality, and seemingly brand new! It was there for two days so it became MINE.

Love Always,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My grown-up Halloween

Edit: Sorry about the photos in this post not fitting the template of the blog! At least you can still see almost all of them ;)

So grown-up halloween is way more fun than childhood halloween ever was. First of all, my little brother always got more candy than me 'cause he was cuter. Secondly, you had to go to all the houses to get candy instead of just buying it on sale the next day at Wal-Mart. This year, i stayed in with the boyfriend, drank champagne, and watched Hocus Pocus. Sarah Jessica Parker and Disney "horror" effects circa 1993: fascinating.

We only got about thirty kids this year. There was tons of extra candy. Needless to say, that candy is now all in my tummy.

I "dressed up" for work in the afternoon. I was supposed to be a pin-up girl, but i've totally worn this outfit on a regular summer day. Oh well.

Pencil skirt: Smart set
Tank top: Suzy Shier, $10
Cardigan: Mom's
Shoes: Aldo, Gift from bf
Lipstick: L'oreal, "Penelope's Shade"

Hope everyone else had a good Halloween!

Love Always,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hole in my heart

A Zara store opened up in my city recently and i got the chance to check it out the other night when i went to buy my Taylor Swift "Fearless" re-release :)

Dress: Zara, $35
Tights: Garage, $10
Boots: Spring $25 final clearance
Amber jewellery from work

The part that looks like a belt is actuallly see-through. The fabric is cut-out and woven. It's really cool, but a little bit drafty...

Man, i love this dress so much. It fits a little big but that makes it super comfortable. I can also wear it in the summer without tights. Yay for versatility!

In other news, i am now broke because i got tickets to see...




I absolutely adore Taylor Swift. I can play all of her songs on my guitar.

I only go to concerts when i know the singers sing/play live and it will be a good SHOW, as in an interesting spectacle to behold. I didn't go see Britney Spears because I'm not gonna waste hundreds of dollars to hear her lip-sync. Gaga's show will obviously be spectacular, and i know Taylor has a sick stage and engages the audience. And they both sing live. SO EXCITED!!! In highschool i went to a lot of classical music concerts because i went to an arts school for voice, so i haven't been to a really good "pop" or "rock" concert since i saw Coldplay a number of years ago. Coldplay was the best night of my life, honestly. They are so amazing live.

Have a fun and safe halloween, everyone! My costume won't be anything amazing, but i will post pictures.

Love Always,

(Gaga image via google search. Taylor image via

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When she walks she walks with passion

Cardigan: Jacob, gift from BF
Tank top: Bluenotes, $5
Skirt: Jacob, $30 on sale
Boots: Winners, $40
Great-Grandmother's pearl necklace and Pearl studs from work.

I got new boots! I've been wanting heeled boots for a while, and finally found some for a great price that are super easy to walk in. The heel is probably less than 2 inches but i still look like a goof when i try to run for the bus. Oh well, girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Lots of other bloggers have been posting beautiful pictures of fall scenery and i love it! There are a bunch of buildings at my university that have ivy-like plants growing all over the walls and they look especially amazing in the fall when the leaves all change colour. Here are some pictures i took of one courtyard:

Midterms are officially over as of today! What a relief... So far all the marks i've gotten back have been pretty amazing (surprizing even, but I'm not complaining!) so i'm hoping this trend will continue. Thank you all so much for reading, and a special thank you to all those who comment!

Love Always,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun

I should really be smiling in this picture since im wearing one of my fav shirts... but i hadn't had my coffee yet and i was off to spend my entire sunday huddled in the library, snarling at anyone who so much as sneezed while i studied for my two last midterms next week. Anyway...

5 reasons why this is one of my favourite shirts

1. Cyndi Lauper designed it for H&M.

2. It says "Girls Just Wanna Have Safe Sex".

3. 25% of the proceeds went to youth HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

4. I bought it while visiting one of my besties during the summer.

5. I'm a Women's Studies major at university and comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights are my favourite causes/ issues i am most passionate about. This shirt is quite the conversation starter for those topics. I'm not usually a fan of message tees (well, not since 8th grade anyway), but i feel like shirts like these that support important causes are good for raising awareness, or at least getting people to think about why this issue was important enough for someone to put on a t-shirt.

Do you guys have any clothing with messages? What do they say and why do feel this message is important enough to wear on your body for the whole world to see?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breathe In

Shrug: H&M (In NYC, whut whut)
Tanktop: GAP $12
Skirt: Nine West, thrifted, $6
Heels: Spring
I must admit that the heels were NOT worn outside. It is October in Canada. 'Nuff said.

My theme today was roses. Rose earings and...

... rose ring both from Accessorize.

How cool is Jane??? She designs shoes for Urban Outfitters! And she's incredibly stylish, obviously. And prettier than me. Ugh, envy. Anyway i would sell my brother for those peep-toe bow heels. I looked for them on the site link she provided but they're not there? Life is against me today, basically. Can't get Jane's bow heels, she is prettier than me, AND i just drowned these sorrows in a very large amount of very expensive chocolate-covered malt balls that were supposed to last me all week. Sigh.

My solution to all of these obviously very terrible problems? Look really awesome tomorrow, ace midterm, feel better!

Love Always,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fell over my feet, like bricks underwater

Cardigan: H&M, $20 several years ago
Tanktop: Old Navy, $5
Skirt: Club Monaco, $16 (on sale to $20 from $125 + student discount)
Boots: Spring, $25 final clearance
Jewellry: Silver store i work at.

Nailpolish: OPI "A rose at dawn... broke by noon" [Yeah, i know: wtf kind of name is that, OPI?]

I wonder what it's like to live in a place when the trees are green all year round? When i really think about it, living in canada is pretty great, and the fact that the leaves change colour and fall to the ground in autumn is one of the reasons.

Love Always,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boom, baby

Here's what i should be doing right now: My study notes for my Medieval History midterm coming up on thursday. Also, i forgot my laptop cord at my boyfriend's house tonight and have about an hour of power remaining. What am i using that precious time for? Blogging, obvs.

I've had an overwhelming urge to get back into the blogging thing lately. When i left ya'll at the beginning of summer i figured I'd be blogging all the time over the summer without school. Didn't happen. Why? I blame work. And Bellinis.

I'll post some actual pictures (outfit, general autumn frolicking, etc.) next post, but for now, you can be jelous of my hot cocoa picture above (i may or may not have eaten all that whipped cream off the top and then added more...).

Love Always,

Monday, May 4, 2009

Awesome thrifting finds!

Today i hung out with a good friend i haven't seen in ages and we went to Value Village and a Salvation Army thrift store. Got a few epic pieces... here are two of them:

[$7 thrifted dress, belt from lame accessories store, mom's 80's pumps]

[$5 thrifted skirt, American Apparel t-shirt, Spring flats, awkward/lame pose]

I got another skirt as well but decided the picture i took of it was even worse than these two. I'm sure it'll pop up in an outfit at some point.

Today was a good day.