Friday, October 30, 2009

Hole in my heart

A Zara store opened up in my city recently and i got the chance to check it out the other night when i went to buy my Taylor Swift "Fearless" re-release :)

Dress: Zara, $35
Tights: Garage, $10
Boots: Spring $25 final clearance
Amber jewellery from work

The part that looks like a belt is actuallly see-through. The fabric is cut-out and woven. It's really cool, but a little bit drafty...

Man, i love this dress so much. It fits a little big but that makes it super comfortable. I can also wear it in the summer without tights. Yay for versatility!

In other news, i am now broke because i got tickets to see...




I absolutely adore Taylor Swift. I can play all of her songs on my guitar.

I only go to concerts when i know the singers sing/play live and it will be a good SHOW, as in an interesting spectacle to behold. I didn't go see Britney Spears because I'm not gonna waste hundreds of dollars to hear her lip-sync. Gaga's show will obviously be spectacular, and i know Taylor has a sick stage and engages the audience. And they both sing live. SO EXCITED!!! In highschool i went to a lot of classical music concerts because i went to an arts school for voice, so i haven't been to a really good "pop" or "rock" concert since i saw Coldplay a number of years ago. Coldplay was the best night of my life, honestly. They are so amazing live.

Have a fun and safe halloween, everyone! My costume won't be anything amazing, but i will post pictures.

Love Always,

(Gaga image via google search. Taylor image via

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When she walks she walks with passion

Cardigan: Jacob, gift from BF
Tank top: Bluenotes, $5
Skirt: Jacob, $30 on sale
Boots: Winners, $40
Great-Grandmother's pearl necklace and Pearl studs from work.

I got new boots! I've been wanting heeled boots for a while, and finally found some for a great price that are super easy to walk in. The heel is probably less than 2 inches but i still look like a goof when i try to run for the bus. Oh well, girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Lots of other bloggers have been posting beautiful pictures of fall scenery and i love it! There are a bunch of buildings at my university that have ivy-like plants growing all over the walls and they look especially amazing in the fall when the leaves all change colour. Here are some pictures i took of one courtyard:

Midterms are officially over as of today! What a relief... So far all the marks i've gotten back have been pretty amazing (surprizing even, but I'm not complaining!) so i'm hoping this trend will continue. Thank you all so much for reading, and a special thank you to all those who comment!

Love Always,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun

I should really be smiling in this picture since im wearing one of my fav shirts... but i hadn't had my coffee yet and i was off to spend my entire sunday huddled in the library, snarling at anyone who so much as sneezed while i studied for my two last midterms next week. Anyway...

5 reasons why this is one of my favourite shirts

1. Cyndi Lauper designed it for H&M.

2. It says "Girls Just Wanna Have Safe Sex".

3. 25% of the proceeds went to youth HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

4. I bought it while visiting one of my besties during the summer.

5. I'm a Women's Studies major at university and comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights are my favourite causes/ issues i am most passionate about. This shirt is quite the conversation starter for those topics. I'm not usually a fan of message tees (well, not since 8th grade anyway), but i feel like shirts like these that support important causes are good for raising awareness, or at least getting people to think about why this issue was important enough for someone to put on a t-shirt.

Do you guys have any clothing with messages? What do they say and why do feel this message is important enough to wear on your body for the whole world to see?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breathe In

Shrug: H&M (In NYC, whut whut)
Tanktop: GAP $12
Skirt: Nine West, thrifted, $6
Heels: Spring
I must admit that the heels were NOT worn outside. It is October in Canada. 'Nuff said.

My theme today was roses. Rose earings and...

... rose ring both from Accessorize.

How cool is Jane??? She designs shoes for Urban Outfitters! And she's incredibly stylish, obviously. And prettier than me. Ugh, envy. Anyway i would sell my brother for those peep-toe bow heels. I looked for them on the site link she provided but they're not there? Life is against me today, basically. Can't get Jane's bow heels, she is prettier than me, AND i just drowned these sorrows in a very large amount of very expensive chocolate-covered malt balls that were supposed to last me all week. Sigh.

My solution to all of these obviously very terrible problems? Look really awesome tomorrow, ace midterm, feel better!

Love Always,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fell over my feet, like bricks underwater

Cardigan: H&M, $20 several years ago
Tanktop: Old Navy, $5
Skirt: Club Monaco, $16 (on sale to $20 from $125 + student discount)
Boots: Spring, $25 final clearance
Jewellry: Silver store i work at.

Nailpolish: OPI "A rose at dawn... broke by noon" [Yeah, i know: wtf kind of name is that, OPI?]

I wonder what it's like to live in a place when the trees are green all year round? When i really think about it, living in canada is pretty great, and the fact that the leaves change colour and fall to the ground in autumn is one of the reasons.

Love Always,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boom, baby

Here's what i should be doing right now: My study notes for my Medieval History midterm coming up on thursday. Also, i forgot my laptop cord at my boyfriend's house tonight and have about an hour of power remaining. What am i using that precious time for? Blogging, obvs.

I've had an overwhelming urge to get back into the blogging thing lately. When i left ya'll at the beginning of summer i figured I'd be blogging all the time over the summer without school. Didn't happen. Why? I blame work. And Bellinis.

I'll post some actual pictures (outfit, general autumn frolicking, etc.) next post, but for now, you can be jelous of my hot cocoa picture above (i may or may not have eaten all that whipped cream off the top and then added more...).

Love Always,