Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boom, baby

Here's what i should be doing right now: My study notes for my Medieval History midterm coming up on thursday. Also, i forgot my laptop cord at my boyfriend's house tonight and have about an hour of power remaining. What am i using that precious time for? Blogging, obvs.

I've had an overwhelming urge to get back into the blogging thing lately. When i left ya'll at the beginning of summer i figured I'd be blogging all the time over the summer without school. Didn't happen. Why? I blame work. And Bellinis.

I'll post some actual pictures (outfit, general autumn frolicking, etc.) next post, but for now, you can be jelous of my hot cocoa picture above (i may or may not have eaten all that whipped cream off the top and then added more...).

Love Always,

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