Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun

I should really be smiling in this picture since im wearing one of my fav shirts... but i hadn't had my coffee yet and i was off to spend my entire sunday huddled in the library, snarling at anyone who so much as sneezed while i studied for my two last midterms next week. Anyway...

5 reasons why this is one of my favourite shirts

1. Cyndi Lauper designed it for H&M.

2. It says "Girls Just Wanna Have Safe Sex".

3. 25% of the proceeds went to youth HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

4. I bought it while visiting one of my besties during the summer.

5. I'm a Women's Studies major at university and comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights are my favourite causes/ issues i am most passionate about. This shirt is quite the conversation starter for those topics. I'm not usually a fan of message tees (well, not since 8th grade anyway), but i feel like shirts like these that support important causes are good for raising awareness, or at least getting people to think about why this issue was important enough for someone to put on a t-shirt.

Do you guys have any clothing with messages? What do they say and why do feel this message is important enough to wear on your body for the whole world to see?


  1. Love this shirt, stylish and such a great message

  2. its a cool shirt that has a good message (i have one shirt that has writting on it and it says fanatic in italian... your post makes me think i should take a pic and explain so thank you in advance for giving me the idea! and i'll link back to this post when i do! gotta give props!)

  3. haha, i looove your shirt! soo risque yet sooo real!

  4. i love that shirt!
    i remember the collection of them which wear designed for h&M, i loved the roisin murphy body suit too!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog!
    i really love leighton's style too!