Thursday, November 19, 2009

Things i bought this week

New earrings from work! I've had these on hold for about fifty years and finally decided to grab them today. They're crystal and sterling silver. Click the photo for a larger view.

Vanilla Nutmeg body lotion from The Body Shop. Today was 20% off their loyalty card holders PLUS buy-one-get-one half off seasonal products (like this lotion) PLUS card members got a free body butter. How could i resist? I bought one of these lotions for me and one for my mom for Xmas. I love it so much because i've been getting sick of super-sweet-smelling vanilla products, and the nutmeg in this lotion adds a perfect hint of alluring spiciness. Plus so far it has made my hands ridiculously soft. Win.

Lately I Am...
Eating: Lots of dried apricots. I swear i get more random cravings than pregnant ladies.
Drinking: Approximately a litre of orange juice per day trying to ward off H1N1
Listening to: The lovely sounds of my brother's respiratory infection in the next room...
Researching: Appropriate methodology for researching abuse in Aboriginal communities
Feeling: Cold
Reading (book variety): "A Simple Story" by Elizabeth Inchbald and "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, both for Women in Literature class.
Reading (blog variety): Work With What You've Got

P.S. Worn Fashion Journal needs your help!. They are an independant, volunteer-driven fashion mag and have run into a bit of trouble. The lovely Anna is a dedicated intern of theirs and she explains everything in THIS POST onher blog. Please consider helping Worn out if you can <3

Love Always,


  1. aww thanks so much for your nice comment! sorry it's taken me so long to answer you - busy busy busy is this girl. you have a lovely blog!

  2. Ooo those earrings are gorgeous! And I haven't been to B&B in so long- that lotion looks divine. Ack. So much for my shopping freeze.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Amy!!!

  3. I was just saying the other day that I wish I could find something Nutmeg scented, it's my favorite spice! I guess I'll be making a trip to the body shop soon...