Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll Do Anything For You

School is still crazy but I need to take a break sometime, right? Also I think i'm coming down with H1N1 and am too paranoid to concentrate on my term paper right now anyway.

Tank top: Old navy, $5
Cardigan: Jacob, Gift from BF
Skirt: Jacob, Gift from BF
Shoes: Vintage from Mom's closet

This skirt is the shortest and tightest skirt i own. Let's just say there's a reason Nathan bought it for me when i wasn't going to... I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my fabulous boy for taking a lot of my outfit pictures on this blog. He is very patient :)

Did anyone see the Meteor shower? Nathan called me late last night asking me if i wanted to drive out of the city lights to see the meteors at one in the morning. How could i resist the chance to do the kind of thing Taylor Swift would write a song about?

We snuggled in the trunk of Nathan's parents Subaru on a random stretch of road south of the city until i got too paranoid about axe murderers and made him drive back into civilization...

Nathan brought me his father's parka from when they lived in Winnipeg. It wasn't cold, i'm just chickenshit.

Look at the stars.. Look how they shine foooor yoooou... and everything you do...

We stayed out for about an hour. I saw one meteor but it may have been a figment of my imagination. Oh well, only 30 years till the next shower, right?

IMPORTANT READER POLL: Should i get a twitter account? Do enough of ya'll care about what i would "tweet"? Please comment and let me know: i can't decide!

Love Always,


  1. hehe - thank you so much for your comment! I don't mind turning 29, but I also don't mind looking like 22 :)

    By the way, I think your hair would make a FIERCE topknot! All that texture?! It would be awesome!

  2. skirt twins! we are skirt twins! ahhhhh

    and only make a twitter if you want to! i must warn you i'm a bit addicted

  3. That sounds so comfy and cozy! I didn't even know about a meteor shower!! :)

  4. Oh no... hopefully you aren't getting sick!

    The meteor shower sounds very romantic!

  5. Look at you rocking that mini skirt, your gams look fab!!

    Your boyfriend sounds sweet, and even though you didn't see any meteors, hopefully the night created a great tender memory for you two.

  6. I've never seen anyone with H1N1 look so stylin'.

  7. Love that skirt!! FIERCE for sure :) And my heart just about melted at your meteor story... tooo cute!

  8. Great pictures !

  9. Great pictures! That skirt looks adorable on you and I love the design in it. What a sweet bf you have! :)

    Oh and I am so bummed I missed the meteor shower. My brother told me about it after the fact (he knows I don't follow that stuff, but would have liked to see it). Oh well, 30 years isn't so bad. LOL



    P.S. I would totally follow you on Twitter! My Twitter address is: amy_palmacci...follow me if you like. :)

  10. Stealing shoes from your mom's closet is the way to go. ;)