Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Night Shoutouts

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Night Shoutouts, a post in which I gather some of the cool things I've come across on the internet lately to share with ya'll lovely people. Ready?

"If they tell you you're too big for a woman, tell them
you're just too big for your skin.
Tell them
a body just can't hold all this beauty.
Tell them
they only wish they had hills and valleys like the earth...
They will never see the life in your hands and you can never expect them to understand."

-Spoken-word artist Desdamona. Watch the full video here and see her myspace page here

Definately a step in the right direction. Though it's important to remember that we are not in a position to judge cultural practices often seen by Westerners as "oppressive" (i.e. the wearing of the hijab by Muslim women: it's something many women choose to wear!), Female Genital Mutilation is fundamentally dangerous to women's health. Learn more here.

And now for something a bit less heavy and more just pretty: Jon Schmidt's beautiful arrangement/mash-up of Love Story and Viva La Vida!

LOLcats meets Regretsy! My life is complete.

I want to make these. Om nom nom...

And now for something mildly fashion-related? Always been one of my favourite blogs

My plan for this upcoming week includes a six-page essay on feudalism, studying my face off to maintain my A+ in European Women's History, and finding a present for my work's Secret Santa! Sunday night will be the big pay-off: Staff party! Bellinis all around!

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  1. mmmmcan we have a baking party once exams are done? i feel like you have lots to teach me.
    ps. I have a cool article you might like to read regarding the poem there , its called "size 6: the western women's harem" i have a hard copy, cant seem to find it on the internets.
    mad respect homez.

  2. ps. OMFG LOOK AT THIS BLOG! i wish i could speak francais

  3. I LOVED that video-- it reminds me of the "dear body" videos that were popular a few years ago. So great!

  4. Lovely video !