Monday, December 7, 2009

Cowboy take me away

My mom grew up on a farm. This is the only explanation I can think of for her love of cowboy boots. She's got four or five pairs and cherishes them like you wouldn't believe. The only reason i got to wear these was because I stole them for the afternoon while she wasn't home...

Brown shirt: Gap
Cardigan: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Club Monaco
Tights: Accessorize
High-heeled cowboy boots: Vintage from Mom's closet
Earings: Vintage from great-grandmother

I wore this outfit to campus to see my boy perform with his choir in a Holiday concert a few days back. Obviously these photos were not taken today because IT EFFING SNOWED. Ugh. Everyone is all "omg finally snow! :D :D" while I'm preparing to enter full-on bitchy winter mode until it melts and building my metaphoric nest of despair, complete with unflatering sweaters and too much candy.

I had my last class today of the first semester of second year university. Exams should be easy compared to enduring the antics of my Methodology prof twice a week...

Love Always,


  1. Good stealage from your mama's closet. Now go return them before she gets home...:)

  2. Fantastic boots! I would totally run away with them.

  3. Good luck on exams!

    Maybe the studying will help distract you as I steal that beautiful skirt and tights, no?

  4. loving the boots - the colour is great xxxx

  5. Yeah I don't miss exams. I lurve those boots...maybe take a good pic and have it printed in actual size and tape it to the back of your moms closet...she'll never be the wiser.

  6. Those are some seriously awesome boots. I know quite a few hipsters who'd give their right arm for your connection.

  7. I love that those cowboy boots are vintage....especially awesome that they were your mother's!!!

  8. LOVE those cowboy boots with this!!!

  9. ha! i totally own that shirt in blue. and i am bipolar about snow. sometimes i am all OOOH AAAH SNOOOW and sometimes i am crankier than your great aunt ethel.

  10. This is gorgeous. My favorite part-- the earrings! Stunning.