Monday, April 12, 2010

Tell me what i wanna hear

I am so tired right now that i typed into my nav bar TWICE before realizing my mistake. I'm sure other "bloogers" can relate?

Anyway blah blah blah my usual ranting about schoolwork, etc. In an exciting life development that no one on the internet will care about but I will talk about anyway, I have decided to persue my Master's degree directly after I finish my undergrad (I had originally planned to complete my masters and possibly PhD later in life). If everything goes according to plan, I will complete my masters by the time I'm 24-ish. Crazy! I'm excited. I love learning so much (*nerd alert*) and I love having, you know, hopes and dreams. Because some people don't have those. I didn't for a long time. It's a good feeling to have them now. /end sentimental nerdy moment.

Here is a random mish-mash of pictures from the last week or so...

Nathan bought me these flowers even though carnations are my least favourite flower. But he knew I'd like these for the colour and because for some reason they don't look like normal carnations. He was so right :) Manly intuition? hehe

Today I wore red (coral earrings) and purple. I've never been one to be adventurous with colour (and I am aware that this little pairing is far from 'adventurous' for most people) but I really like this.

Remember a few posts ago when I said I wanted those noise-blocking headphones? I got some! They're not the best so I may get different ones, but check out how awesomely dorky they are:

PS this face is very typical for me after midnight. At a certain hour of the evening I turn into a pouty five-year old. This also often happens mid-afternoon after a big mean (nap time, obviously)

OM NOM NOM. Loooove 50% off after-easter candy sales! I'm gonna save some mini eggs so i'll have them in October and confuse people.

Love Always,


  1. Hey, CONGRATS on deciding to go to grad school! I did the same thing, and I'm so happy that I did. Getting to spend a bit more time learning and engrossing myself in school before I had to attempt living in the real world was pretty great.

  2. Grad school? Awesome... almost as awesome? cheap easter chocolate. I already overdosed last week.
    You asked about handwashing silk... I didn't realize the dress was silk or I would have drycleaned it. Handwashing silk is tricky and usually I'll only handwash silk/cotton mixes or silk jersey. The rest I cough up the dough for a drycleaner...booo

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