Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Capture it, remember it

My gosh, ya'll. You wouldn't even believe all the crazy/amazing things i've got going on right now.

I saw Taylor Swift in concert!

She was beyond fantastic live.

Afterwards I got to meet Grant and Paul from her band! I was freaking out. hard.

Let's turn this into an outfit post! Thrifted dress and gap cardi ;)

For the next month i'll be focussing on preparing to move into our apartment, and I'm also doing some really cool research this summer. I'm volunteering with one of my professors researching the history of the birth control pill, in addition to trying to complete my extensive summer reading list.

In other news, is anyone else effing IN LOVE with that Greyson Chance kid who did the cover of Gaga's Paparazzi? I can't wait to see him on Ellen again tomorrow!

Love Always,

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