Friday, April 10, 2009

Introducing Kate, and many outfits.

I will take this moment to introduce you to Kate, my stuffed Panda that my boy and I made at Build-a-Bear. She is named after Kate Winslet and is a bit of a slut. Yepp.

Kate and i are sad about what we are seeing out the window... What could it be...?
[Gap sweater and American Eagle jeans, just in case ya'll were wondering]

FML. It melted by the end of the day, but STILL. Jeesh.

Obviously i haven't posted in a while. Appologies, however scholarship > blog. I have been taking pictures of my somewhat decent outfits, though. So i will now present those...

American Apparel dress. Spring shoes.

[Sorry about the blur! I was in a rush]
H&M sweater over and Americal Apparel dress. Accessorize scarf [yes, there was a Canadian branch of Accesorize with a few locations accross Canada. I worked there until it was one day left without an owner and went into recievership/closed. Worst day ever, that store was amazing. Whenever i see their ads in british mags i cry a little]

Suzy Shier cardi and black shirt. Gap wool skirt. Accessorize tights.

Sidenote: any silver jewellery you see me wearing is generally from the place i work. I'd rather not disclose the name as i will often bash the company on this blog and would rather not get fired should anyone from there happen to read this...

Love Always,

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  1. aww adorable panda :-) and SNOW?! jeez, when will spring come around??

    AND ZOMG. I finished handmaid's tale and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Tell me what you think once you've finished it!