Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrity outfits I would/would NOT wear

So i've decided to have a sort of recurring feature on this blog. I read a lot of celbrity gossip when i'm bored (one can only play so many games of tetris before one begins to dream about little coloured blocks falling neatly into rows). I don't enjoy the gossip so much as i enjoy the picture of celebrities, especially what they are wearing. Sometimes i like 'em, sometimes i don't.

So let's begin!

First: Celebrity outfits i would NOT wear.
[Keyword: NOT!]

Featuring: Vanessa Hudgens

1. She looks generally dirty. As in, unclean...
2. Fringed Uggs? Seriously?
3. You'd think on a Disney Slut salary she could afford to buy something decent to wear, rather than stealing the shirt right off the back of a dingy, obsese homeless man. Poor guy.

Okay, hun... We all know you and Zac Efron bang. You don't need to rub it in our faces by wearing his shirt out afterwards and not bothering to put your pants back on or fix your sex-hair. Jeesh...
[I'm also a firm believer in role models. Isn't she supposed to be one?]

Ms. Hudgens' wardrode in a word? Trash.

And now: Celebrity outfits i WOULD wear!
Featuring: Charlize Theron and Dita van Teese

I feel like Charlize Theron is rather useless as an actress as she's pretty generic. Her redeeming quality for me is the way the girl WORKS a red carpet (with the exception of that heinous large green gown she wore to the Oscars one year...). Anyway, this fress is fab, something i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have. Lace + fitted= Love.

Dita is the definition of glamour and i love it. I love the way she embraces her pale skin and her curves and i would pretty much sell my brother for any single item from her closet. This is Dita grocery shopping. Amazing. I love STRUCTURE (the bag, the tailoring of the dress). I hate how so much current fashion is all flow-y and not fitted and tent-like.

[All photos in this post are from Just Jared]

Expect more posting for the next four months as i am FINISHED FIRST YEAR UNIVERSITY!!!

Love Always,


  1. Hurray! Congrats on finishing first year Amy! Dita has always been a favourite of mine too. That gurls got timeless classic beauty!

  2. Ayeee, Charlize Theron looks fantastic.
    And Dita.. Dita just rocks completely.