Friday, April 17, 2009

Exams kill life. Fun websites keep me going...

Just finished a nasty, long, LONG take-home exam. Defining 5 extremely broad terms in less than 200 words each, and two essays. My next exam is on sunday and i have yet to start studying. This is only slightly terrifying. Somehow...

Here is what i am wearing to work this evening. Note the lack of tights because it is a delicious 19 degrees outside!

H&M Dress i bought in NYC last may
Suzy Shier Cardigan
Spring shoes

Speaking of New York, i began reminicing and looking at pictures from that trip (which was amazing, by the way), and came across this:

This is my friend and i singing on a boat tour of New york with the statue of liberty in the background. So awesome.
[I am aware that i look like shit, thx. I had just been on a bus for 6 or 7 hours... with a bunch of rowdy arts school students. I believe that explains it.]

I figure this should be a light-hearted post as many of those i have posted so far have included srs ishoesz.

5 of my fav websites!
1. LOL cats.
2. Perez Hilton. Shameful, i know.
3. Tetris Friends. Slightly less shameful? No? Okay... =(
4. Daddy Likey Blog. This girl is hilarious.
5. Human Rights Watch.Org. Okay, i have to include one serious one... They have really great up-to-date news on Human Rights issues going on as we speak.

That's all i have for ya'll right now. Have a great weekend because i definately will NOT! =)

Love Always,

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