Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring, Random Facts, and Books

"It's not too bad when the sun's out, but the sun only comes out when it feels like coming out."
-J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

I'm gonna go ahead and say it... Canadians are often very recuctant to use this particular phrase, as it is often a bit of a jinx and a huge snow storm and deep freeze follows it's utterance... but here we go:

Here's what i wore to work this morning. H&M dress, vintage (from my Nana) shoes.

And this is what I wore when i got home. Jeans, Smart Set shirt, Great-Grandmother'c necklace.

5 Random facts about me
Just Because...
1. I do laundry about once a month. Sometimes less. That's how much clothing i own. I can go up to 50 days without doing laundry though because that's how many pairs of underwear i have.

2. I finally bought the Katy Perry CD and it is notthatgreat. Kelly Clarkson, however, is FAB.

3. If it gets over 50 days and i really don't want to do laundry, i buy more underwear. (This happened recently. Chyeaahhh Jacob Lingerie 5 for $15)

4. I adore cucumber sandwiches. But only if I make them.

5. I have a brother whose name is Chubbles. When people ask me what his real name is, i tell them that it is Chubbles.


I've recently decided that I need to read more. My first semester of university was crazy (granted, so is the second one...), but i remembered being the first kid in my first grade class to start reading chapter books, and felt really cool and awesome and kinda sorta almost smart, and i want to feel like that again. SO. I made a reading list, plus i am picking up and devouring whatever else i have time to read. Here's what i've read in the last month or so.

1. Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson
Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat. I had to read it for my english class. BUT, it was the best assigned reading ever, complete with spirits, intrigue, life lessons, teenaged angst, subtle but effortlessly effective depictions of social issues, and (my favorourite), a complete cast of strong, independant female characters.

2. Bow Grip by Ivan E. Coyote
Probably one of the most beautiful stories i have read in a while. You instantly fall in love with the male protagonist, who aquires a cello and sets out to learn to play it, meeting new people along the way (an older, closeted homosexual man, a single mother and her daughter), and facing a life-changing request from his ex-wife.

3. The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Yeah, i know it's pretty pathetic that i haven't read this yet, and i'm still only halfway through as i started this only a few day ago.. I was supposed to read it in grade 12 english class, but i skipped class to hang out with a boy instead. In my defence, we have now been dating almost ten months and i still got a ridiculously good mark in english.
Anyway, this book is terrifying, basically. I find it much more so than other dystopian novels (i.e. 1984), due to the nature of the role of a Handmaid. Like, can you IMAGINE?! I won't say anything else, because everyone should read it, or at least look it up on the internet if you're really curious as to what i am freaking out about.

If you're not really noticing a pattern in my blogging, don't worry, there isn't one... i think i'm just gonna have fun talking about whatever's on my mind on whatever day things decide to be on my mind. It's all sexy and unpredictable that way, don'tcha think? :)

Love Always,



  2. YAY SPRING! I live in the NE US and seems spring is finally hitting us here as well! The book selections look awesome, I've heard of the Handmaid's Tale but haven't gotten around to reading it, I will at some point though!

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE dress! Love wrap dresses, love the print! The second I hit Toronto, I'm mass invading H&M!

    "3. If it gets over 50 days and i really don't want to do laundry, i buy more underwear"
    Hi, my name's Mary, and I'm a pantyholic as well, haha.