Monday, March 23, 2009

She's at it again...

I have no idea where this will go.
I also have no idea where my pretty pink underwear are, but i guess that is somewhat irrelevant to what i am doing right now...

I used to blog, web design, chat on message boards, etc, up until i was about fourteen and my life became consumed with other things and i became less consumed with sharing my thoughts with others. More specifically, i didn't tell anyone anything for several years... I am now, however, at a good stage in my life and simply bursting with stories and opinions and new knowledge that i am willing to share. This may or may not be to your advantage, but the magic of the internet is that you can click the pretty red 'x' up there to your right and never read my words again... :)

Some specific things i would love to incorperate into this blog over time:
-Pictures of my clothes. I've been reading many fashion blogs lately and find this idea adorable. Plus, it will encourage me to exersize my style... which tends to get lazy in the Canadian winter.
-Stuff i am learning in school. I am a university student taking an Honour BA, double majoring in History and Women's Studies. I feel like everyone can can benefit from a feminist analysis of current issues and the world in general.
-Lists. I'm a huge fan of lists.

I have not yet taken any outfit pictures, etc. But i do have two images i'd like to share with you right away:

This is a Kate Spade ad that has been up on my wall since tenth grade (2005/06). I have never been able to explain why or how, but it defines my life.

Aaaaand this is a very boring picture of me in a Smart Set sweater, very bad hair, and vintage (from great aunt) pearl necklace.

Let's be friends :)


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  2. cool i'm really glad i found ur blog! that dino pic reminds me of a prank i played on my infant sister when I was 5. I used to put a little plastic trex on my index finger, then scream and fall to the floor and pretend to be dead, and without fail, she'd start crying. lol.