Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunbeam, stop tugging me

So the crappiest of crappy things happened this week. My damn glasses broke. Of course I didn't have a spare. Of course the broke at 8:15 when Lenscrafters closes at 9 and therefore cant make them 'til the next day. Of course I have 10873298 more important things to worry about than broken freakin' glasses. The frame broke, so there's no way my old ones could be fixed. Farewell my gorgeous D&Gs... you have seen many an adventure.

I have really terrible vision so I need to wear my glasses all the time or else I get headaches. Here's the outfit I wore to pick up my new glasses. You can't see, but I had taped the arm of my old glasses on...

Sweater: Jacob
Pencil skirt: Nine West, thrifted
Tights: Accessorize
Shoes: Mom's closet.
Ring & earrings: the stone is Malachite and they're from local jewellery stores

Here are my new glasses... They're Ray Bans and I think they're called the New Wayfarer or something. For some reason they're huge on me (which I love, btw) and make me feel kiiiiinda dorky but I like it.

The cool thing about these is they work with multiple facial expressions/emotions...The above was "staring lovingly at a cookie"

"What do you mean I had to buy new glasses? This sucks :("


Hopefully I'll get used to them.

Love Always,


  1. i'm glad your glasses are fixed
    because now you can see
    my love
    for you

  2. I LOVE your new glasses! I think I need to go have my eyes checked. Maybe I can get a pair, too :)

  3. loving the skirt
    loving your blog!
    thanks for sharing as always darling!