Monday, March 22, 2010

It's good to be in love

I haven't really posted any pics of my boyfriend yet and he looked amazing the other day so we took some pictures!

He thrifted the jacket! What a genius.

Nathan's jeans: Bluenotes
Tie: Jack & Jones
Jacket: Goodwill
Sunglasses: Rudy Project
Shirt & Belt: I dunno :s

And here's my "photographer extraordinaire" outfit:

Red jacket: H&M
Bubble skirt: Garage, very old
White leggings: American Apparel
Boot: Winners
New glasses, which I am getting used to: Ray Ban

I am drowning in schoolwork, as usual. See you all soon, hopefully, if I survive!

Love Always,


  1. Aw, you two are both so adorable. I love the red jacket!

  2. ooooh check out your red coat - gorge xoxox

  3. You are so cute, as is your boyfriend (if I'm allowed to say that). Love the coat. Cuteness abounds!

  4. them tights is FEIRCE.
    i have been wanting white tights for such a long time, this is pushing me over the edge :D

  5. amy if you were wondering i approve of your boyfriend