Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A heart can hallucinate

Let's be real: I've never gotten past the part where Alice falls down the rabbit hole in that freakin' book. However, I've seen the Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland and the whimsy of the franchise has always appealed to me.

Even though I never liked the book enough to get anywhere near through it, here's why I know I'll like the Tim Burton adaptation:

1. I like Tim Burton shit.
2. I've never not liked anything Johnny Depp has been in, or even been NEAR (including street dirt, lamposts, etc.)
3. Helena Bonham Carter freaks the shit out of me for some reason (probably because I'm a huge Potter nerd and she played Bellatrix Lestrange, who I consider to be even freakier than Voldemort), but she completely captivates and intrigues me.
4. 3D movies in general are THE BOMB (I pity anyone who didn't get to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. I liked it more than "Up")
5. The OPI limited edition nailpolishes rock my world

Opi's Alice in Wonderland collection. Image from google.

Everywhere, EVERYWHERE is sold out of the two middle colours, "Absolutely Alice" and "Mad as a Hatter". I've been waiting to get my hands on them for a little over a week now, and today i finally nabbed the last bottles of both from a random hole-in-the-wall hair salon at the mall. I flipped a shit and basically told the salon lady that she had made me the happiest person in the world. I've seriously been dreaming about my nails being "Alice" blue.

Can't wait to try my Mad as a Hatter polish, too. But I should probably start studying first... These nailpolishes have been pretty much my only reading week accomplishment so far.

Love Always,

Title song: "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" - Jewel

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