Monday, February 22, 2010

April, come she will...

I worked out today and drank a bunch of orange juice, which made me feel summery. I didn't have to bus to work today, so i wore a summery outfit :) Strangers told me i looked cute. Mission Accomplished.

Dress: Costa Blanca
Cardigan: Jacob
Shoes: Found in mom's closet
Freshwater Pearls: Gift to myself. For no reason, obviously...
Hairflower: H&M

Ever worn an outfit that made you feel giddy with happiness?

Everyone should try to wear a summery outfit whenever the weather permits for the next few months. I guarentee it'll brighten your day until the flowers and sunshine can :)

Love Always,


  1. You look so pretty! And what a great find in your mom's closet - those shoes are awesome!

  2. Completely adorable. I love it!!

  3. Your a breath of fresh air!!! So cute!