Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is my world, and I'm taking it back

2010 has sucked so far, you guys. First of all, I was having the best New Years Eve ever... until my boyfriend and I got food poisoning. I rang in 2010 with vomit (Too much information? Whatever, this isn't even the bad part.)

Then, the owners of the store I work at showed up and closed the store down without giving us any notice. My manager got a call ten p.m. on Sunday night telling her she didn't have to come into work the next day. We also don't know if they're even paying us for the last two weeks (a.k.a. the busiest two weeks of the year, which include two holiday pay days, time-and-a-half for boxing day, and in which I worked approximately seventy hours). Luckily, because I had management experience I was able to get a new job quickly, but I'm not gaurenteed the amount of hours I need at this new job. Lame.

Plus I had to buy a seventy-five dollar PAPERBACK (like, 150 pages max) textbook. 2010. sucks.

End rant. For now.

Good things that have happened recently:
(I'm trying to be more positive, you see. However, this is not me "looking on the bright side" or any of that crap, this is more like a "reasons to not sit around and eat ice cream & sulk all day" list)

1. My neighbors had a baby!
2. My classes this semester should be really interesting
3. I scored Cake hand lotion at Winners for super cheap
4. I scored many, many other things on boxing day sales for super cheap
5. I have this weekend off since my new job doesn't start for a little while, which will quite literally be my first weekend off since I was sixteen.
6. Jeggings were one of the things I got on boxing day sale for super cheap:

This is me trying to show how comfortable/stretchy they are. I freaking love these things. No one can tell they are jeggings because they look and feel just like real jeans unless
a) you are the one wearing their awesome-ness, or
b) you lift up your shirt to show people the elastic waist when they don't believe you are wearing jeggings.

[Jeggings and drape-y cardi arefrom Garage, shirt from a consignment store]

Love Always,


  1. Love that cardigan! Enjoy your weekend off!! :)


  2. You can add "looks adorable" to your list of pros for 2010... I love this outfit! And the fact that it was such a steal is always good :)