Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If you're crazy, I don't care, you amaze me

I recently recieved a huge basket of vintage costume jewellery from a friend of my aunts. It's mostly eighties-looking which a few more subtle pieces that probably came from the seventies. I wore my two favourite pieces today: a gold-toned whistle necklace (the whistle totally works!) and pearly earrings rimmed with delicate gold.

[Jacob emerald cardigan and American Apparel white v-neck]

I'm running out of my Chance by Chanel perfume but I decided to wear it today anyway after taking this picture.

I'm thinking of selling some of the vintage jewellery simply because there is too much of it for me to ever get around to wearing. Does anyone have an opinion about the best way to sell something like that? Etsy? on this blog? Let me know in the comments, Please!

Love Always,

Title song: Whistle for the Choir by The Fratellis


  1. Oh, the whistle is great!

    Maybe you should do a giveaway on your blog for some of the jewelry you don't think you'll wear.

  2. Ooh love that necklace- it is so different and amazing!

    I love Kasmira's idea of a giveaway... and also, I think if you want to sell it Etsy is probably the best way to go. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you are selling (hopefully I will be able to snag some of it..hehe) ;D

    Much love,

  3. What a great vintage piece that necklace is !
    I think you could sell on Etsy and the giveaway idea is also a good one !

  4. I LOVE your new vintage finds! You should totally open an Etsy shop. You can get better prices for your vintage pieces.

  5. ohhh vintage jewelry from family members is the best!! Etsy is a great way to sell it...they make the whole process pretty easy!

  6. lucky you! that whistle necklace is fabulous! can't wait to see what you sell :)

  7. Those pieces are gorgeous! I love that the whistle actually works.

    I would recommend using Etsy if you want to sell. A giveaway would be awesome too of course :)